English Bible Versions

Bible versions in pdf format courtesy of www.bibles.org.uk Feel free to check out their other versions!

If you are accessing these versions online please realize bibles are large downloads and may take time if you download through our links here. Downloading directly from the bibles.org.uk website would save you a bunch of time. If you are accessing these links directly from our free CD-ROM then you should have it on your screen within a few seconds. You can order your own free copy of the CommonTruth CD-ROM by emailing us at: CommonTruth@gmail.com . The CD-ROM will contain everything on the CommonTruth website.

American Standard Version

Bible in Basic English

Darby Version

Douay-Rheims (has apocrypha)

King James Version

Noah Webster 1833 Bible

Young's Literal Translation


Other Language Bible Versions

Almeida (Portuguese)



Cornilescu (Romanian)

Diodati (Italian)

Luther 1545 (German)

Scrivener 1894

Stephanus (Morphology)



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