Answers to Challenging Bible Questions

Written by: Tami Dickerson



Although the pages of this book are taken directly from the website we wanted to give readers the option of a hardcopy version of the "Tough Topics" as well.

Like the website, this book boldly tackles tough doctrinal issues and gives straightforward answers that make sense. In its pages you will find answers to why God continues to allow human suffering, why God ordained the killing of children, how to identify the Antichrist, what Hell really is, and more. This book takes many of the uncomfortable topics we hate to think about and lays them out in the open with satisfying answers in convenient hardcopy form.

Common Truth: Answers to Challenging Bible Questions

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 01 …..Antichrist, 08
Chapter 02 … 19
Chapter 03 …..Christ's 26
Chapter 04 …..David's 38
Chapter 05 …..David's 45
Chapter 06 …..Did Jesus Lie? 56
Chapter 07 … 59
Chapter 08 … 65
Chapter 09 .….Fall in Eden, 70
Chapter 10 … 78
Chapter 11 …..Free 84
Chapter 12 …..God Killed Children? 90
Chapter 13 … 104
Chapter 14 …..Human 116
Chapter 15 …..Jephthah's 134
Chapter 16 …..Jewish Law 140
Chapter 17 … 146
Chapter 18 … 152
Chapter 19 …..Satan & the Demons...... 158
Chapter 20 … 168
Chapter 21 …..Trinity, 172
Chapter 22 …..Unconditional 180
Chapter 23 …..World 184


1. List of Bible Version 192
2. Bibles which feature God's 193
3. Assorted Bible 194



A Word From the Author

Thank you for taking the time to read this book! Before you get started though I want to make clear that, although I am sincerely convinced of the information written in these pages, I do not claim to have flawless knowledge on the Scriptures. Therefore, I openly encourage all of you to prayerfully test the information for yourselves.

May God continue to bless you on your search for Biblical truth, and provide a hedge of protection against Satan's lies.

[This book quotes from the World English Bible, a public domain version]



CommonTruth -- Answers to Challenging Bible Questions

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