Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Is CommonTruth affiliated with any particular denomination?
Answer: No. The CommonTruth website was created for the purpose of showing what the Bible says, plain and simple. There is no connection towards a preacher, sect, congregation or church denomination. It is meant to be plain and simply Bible based, and Christian.

Question: Who are the people that publish the CommonTruth website?
Answer: The publishers are a husband and wife team (Charles and Tami Dickerson), along with a few friends who have provided various supports for the site over the years. We are dedicated to publishing only that which is from the Bible and nothing else. We do not claim to be inspired prophets or otherwise "special"; we do not claim to be God's chosen mouthpiece. We merely seek to publish the information written in God's Holy Word, the Bible.

Question: What are the religious backgrounds of the publishers?
Answer: Charles was raised in various churches until his teen years, when his family started attending an Assembly of God congregation on a regular basis. Tami was born and raised into the Jehovah's Witness sect, abandoning the sect at the age of 36 when the Lord showed her the errors of the denomination (in 2004). Currently the couple associates with a local non-denominational church.

Question: Do the publishers have some sort of formal religious educational experience?
Answer: Neither Charles nor Tami has attended a Bible college, seminary, or other formal religious school. Their religious education consists of Bible reading and discussion, adult Sunday school education, church sermons, research and lots of prayer.

Question: What makes you think you have all the answers?
Answer: Please know that we do not claim to have all the answers. We realize we are as much prone to error as anyone else. We openly recommend that readers test the information for themselves and come to their own peace on the topics.

Question: What are the rules for sharing the information on this site?
Answer: We feel it is immoral to "own" God's Word, so everyone is free to upload, download, print, copy and distribute so long as no profit is made in the process; however, be aware that all of the articles are copyrighted, meaning you cannot claim the writings as your own.

Question: Why does the site use so many different Bible versions?
Answer:The publishers wanted to give the readership a sampling of how various Bible versions read. This helps readers choose a Bible version that suits them best. Because we link to online Bible passages we are limited to Bible versions that are accessible online. A lot of the time we make use of the Public Domain versions (ASV, Darby, KJV, YLT) , so as to not overstep the "Fair Use" rules of copyrighted versions.

Question: What if I disagree with something in one of your articles?
Answer: This is expected to happen because nobody has perfect knowledge of God. We are open to correction, and in the past we have made changes in our information due to someone taking the time to show us the error. We do insist that any corrections be solidly backed up with Scripture though. We insist on proving all things with Scripture.

Question: Why do you sometimes use "Jehovah" and "Jesus", and at other times use the names "Yahweh" and "Yeshua"?
Answer: "Yahweh" is God's name in Hebrew, and "Jehovah" is God's name in English. Likewise, "Yeshua Messiah" is Jesus Christ's name in Hebrew, and "Jesus Christ" is the English version. Because some prefer the Hebrew, and others prefer the English, we chose to use both versions throughout the site in order to accomodate these preferences. For all other Bible names, we stick with the English versions (to avoid getting too complicated).

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