Many people in the world aren't sure of the existence of an Almighty God . Admittedly, it is difficult to believe in something that you can't physically see or touch, but does this mean He doesn't exist? How can we be sure? This purpose of this page is to reason this topic through to a plausible conclusion.


God In The Bible

According to the bible, God's name is Jehovah (English) or Yahweh (Hebrew)(Psalms 83:18). (King James Version, Bible in Basic English). Yahweh is a God who is a singular being who created all that there is (Genesis chapters 1 and 2) through His Son, Jesus Christ (Colossians 1:15-17). This includes the angels, stars, planets, atmosphere, land, animals, plants, objects and people. God demands exclusive devotion -- He will not tolerate veneration of other gods (Exodus 20:1-5, Deuteronomy 4:24, Nahum 1:2). Yahweh has many good qualities. He is a fair God (Deuteronomy 32:4), a patient God (2 Peter 3:9), and the personification of love (1 John 4:8). He loved us humans enough to provide a way for us to regain His favor despite our sinful tendencies (John 3:16). He is also our Father (Matthew 6:9, Matthew 23:9, Romans 1:7).

Yahweh is a God of peace (1 Corinthians 14:33, 2 Corinthians 13:11, Philippians 4:9).

Many people find this curious because in the Old Testament He commanded the Israelites to make war and wipe out the surrounding nations (Deuteronomy 2:33-34, Joshua 2:10). How is this a God of peace?

The nations that were destroyed were not obedient to the love that Yahweh demanded. In the process, they committed heinous sins such as: Burning their children alive in sacrifice to false gods, worshipping demons, and other evil things God abhored. (Deuteronomy 32:17, Jeremiah 7:31, 2 Kings 16:3, 2 Kings 17:17,31). Such actions are an absolute abomination to The God who is the personification of Love. Since the native inhabitants would not cease these vile practices, Yahweh had to take vengeance for it. This is righteous because vengeance does belong to Him (Deuteronomy 32:35, 1 Samuel 24:12, Jeremiah 51:6). Note, though, that God never killed those who repented from their evil ways (Jonah-entire book, Joshua 2:1-21, 6:20-23). God does not prefer to kill anyone, and would prefer that we turn back from sin (2 Peter 3:9). Nowhere in the bible has God killed a repentant person.


GOD: The Big Bang Theory

Now, the question remains: How do we know that the whole concept of God isn't really a man made concept? What evidence is there that a real, true God exists in the universe?

Let's start with a simple, common item:
A ball-point pen.

A ball point pen is very simple: A non-living item composed of less than a dozen parts. It's much simpler than lower life forms such as bacteria or amoebas.

What if a highly respected scientist were to tell you that the pen came into existence through an explosion which caused randomly placed chemicals to form the ball-point pen? Yeah, that sounds ridiculous, doesn't it.

Explosions happen every single day everywhere: The tiny explosions in hundreds of millions of vehicle engines every day, the explosions of fireworks, dynamite used for demolitions and mining, gunpowder, and nuclear testing -- in spite of so many events of exposions on a daily basis worldwide, none has yet created something new out of nothing. Explosions are notorious for destruction, never for creation. Can we really believe a ball-point pen can be created through an explosion? No! We know that it takes the deliberate action of an intelligent designer to figure out the correct dimensions and parts that make the pen function correctly.

So, then, how is it that a simple pen needs an intelligent designer, yet people will believe the much more complicated universe happened through an explosion? This is inconsistant thinking.

Although there is scientific evidence of the "Big Bang Theory", these scientists are totally missing an important point: God spoke the universe into existence step by step. As He created things, these things would suddenly appear in the empty space by His design (Genesis Chapter 1). When the empty space is suddenly filled with hundreds of billions of burning suns coming together to create swirling galaxies, that is going to give the appearance of an explosion even though it's actually an orderly event choreographed by the hand of God (Genesis 1:14-16). Even all these millenia later, scientists detect the motion of the celestial bodies that cause them to believe some kind of explosion event must have occured. What they are really seeing is the end results of God's speaking the celestial bodies into existence. Since God caused this event to happen first, and afterwards created the animals and humans (Genesis 1: 20-26), scientists interpret this evidence of creative progression to mean life resulted through an accidental Big Bang event. It is a simple matter of faulty reasoning.


Our Earth

Evidence of Intelligent Design does not stop with the "Big Bang" creation method. Astronomers have been able to peer so deep into space that they have found innumerable galaxies, various star systems, planets, nebulae, quasars, novae, etc. Yet, what it is they are not finding is one single planet that is comparable to Earth. Our planet is a perfect, rare, jewel, designed specifically for our inhabitation:
We have a layered atmosphere with a particular mix of gases which filters out ultraviolet rays, burns incoming space debris, stabilizes the planet's surface temperature, and keeps us breathing. No other planet can boast such an incredibly versatile atmosphere! Then we have the abundance of fluid water on Earth; a main staple for the continuation of all life. Not only do we have these vast amounts of water, but all of that water is teeming with thousands of life forms. No such parallel has been found anywhere else in the universe. We also have the fact that we are exactly the correct distance from the sun: Any closer and the seas, lakes, and rivers would dry up; all life would turn to dust. Any further away, all life would freeze and Earth would remain a frozen wasteland like the other planets.

Such precision, just for us.


Our Moon

Along with this, our moon is just as perfect: Our moon was created as a time piece for mankind (Genesis 1:14). Because it is such a precision timepiece, the ancients could easily track weeks and months through the moon phases with complete accuracy. And, because God is so efficient, the moon actually performs a double duty: It is also vital for the tide cycles. If the moon were any closer or any farther in it's position, or if it's orbit was elliptical, it would wreak havoc with our global coastlines on a daily basis. But its orbit is constant, making the tides work perfectly for the daily cycles of ocean inhabitants.


Our Solar System

Getting away from the Earth, we continue to see the utter perfection of the solar system around us. Since the solar system is part of the celestial clock that God created for us (Genesis 1:14), seasons and years can be tracked. Scientists have also been able to predict eclipses, comet appearances, and many other time-related events through this celestial clock.

And let's not neglect the fact that these created time pieces have their own self-sustaining equipment as well. For example, the planet Saturn has many moons; unlike the Earth, which has only one. It is necessary for Saturn to have so many more moons because some of them function as "shepherd moons". The gravitational pull from the shepherd moons balances the pull of gravity from Saturn itself, allowing the planetary rings to remain in place without distortion. Without shepherd moons Saturn's rings would begin to distort and eventually succumb to the planet's gravity, essentially destroying them.

The planet Uranus also has many moons, some of which are also shepherd moons for its dark rings. The precision is undeniable! Everything works together as one giant, precision time instrument; much like a quality Swiss watch -- and yet our galaxy is but one tiny corner in a universe filled with such precision and order!

When has there ever been a scientific record of an explosion resulting such precision and balance?



In Conclusion

Although we could continue on with many more examples that prove Intelligent Design, we don't have the space on this website to write an entire book on the topic, unfortunately.

Suffice it to say, we are convinced that the entire universe teems with proof of God's creative intelligence. The chaos of accidents and uncontrolled explosions cannot come close to the order and beauty that makes our universe work.

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