Since Almighty God is the Supreme Being of the universe, it is only fitting for there to be a page dedicated to the discussion of His power and glory.

According to the bible, God's power and glory is so intense that we humans cannot look on His face and continue living (Exodus 33:17-23). This confuses some people because the bible also states that Moses returned from speaking to God and told the people that he spoke to Him face to face (Exodus 33:11).

Apparently, what Moses meant was that he stood in the direct presence of God, because in reality God had to shield Moses from the intensity of His glory when He passed in front of Moses (Exodus 33:21-23). This is much different from what the other Israelites experienced, because they only saw God's glory from a distance. No one else actually stood right in front of God like Moses did. This is why Moses described his experience as being face to face with God. Later scripture shows that Moses was indeed as vulnerable to God's glory as the other Israelites, shown by the fact that he was also not allowed to go into the tabernacle when God's glory filled it due to its intensity (Exodus 40:34). The scriptures describe God's glory as appearing like a raging fire (Exodus 24:16-17).

God also has enormous power -- and this includes the power to manipulate the physical world in any way that suits His plan. This makes sense because He is the one that made the physical world. Some examples of His doing this in the bible are:

1 - Creation (Genesis chapters 1-2). The very act of creating everything existing is an awesome act of His power! Almighty God was the mastermind behind everything: Sun, moon, stars, planets, land, air, ocean, plants, animals, people...everything. No person has been able to truly create anything. Sure, we can take raw materials and make things, and sure we can get the knowledge of scientific matters and such. But can we actually create the raw materials, manipulate the elements at will, change the laws of physics? Of course not! (Job chapters 38-39). Only God can do and know these things. THAT is power!

2 - The Ten Plagues (Exodus 7:1 - 12:33). Almighty God sent Moses to tell Pharaoh to let the Israelite slaves go. Pharaoh refused. So, God sent horrible plagues to punish the Egyptians. In the end God won, and the Israelites were allowed to go free. These plagues included things such as: turning the land's water supply to blood, plagues of insect swarms, contagious boils, rains of fiery hail, and death to all the firstborns of man and beast. These were things no one could stop or hide from. These plagues showed the magnitude of God's power to all the people of the land!

3 - The parting of the Red Sea (Exodus 14:5-31). The Israelites were freed from Egypt, though the Egyptians changed their minds and wanted the Israelite slaves returned. Therefore, the Egyptians went in hot pursuit of the Israelites who were traveling to a place that God was leading them too. As the Egyptians closed in, the Israelites' escape route was blocked off by the Red Sea. As the Egyptians approached, God sent His angel to create a pillar of fire to block the Egyptians. As the angel did this, God parted the waters of the Red Sea so the Israelites could go through (on a dry sea bed) and escape. Once the Israelites were through, God removed the pillar of fire from the Egyptians. When the Egyptians took pursuit into the dry sea bed God ceased parting the Red Sea, effectively drowning the enemy. No human army could possibly pull that stunt!

4 - Strengthening our bodies. God has shown that He has the power to strengthen our bodies beyond our normal limitations. Some examples include: Samson, who was given supernatural strength (Judges 13:5, 24, Judges 14:5); and Elijah, who needed to run to a place called Jezreel, so God gave him the power of speed and endurance(1 Kings 17:1, 1 Kings 18:45-46). In fact, God can also make a small amount of food energize us for long periods of time (1 Kings 19: 5-8).

5 - The powerlessness of other gods. This was not only shown by the plagues God smote Egypt with in Exodus chapters 7-12, but he showed it to other people as well. One example is the Philistine god, Dagon (1 Samuel 5:1-5). The Philistines managed to steal the Ark of Yahweh's covenant from the Israelites and placed it next to their god Dagon in Dagon's temple. The next day, the Philistines see the statue of Dagon is on its face in front of the Ark, as if it were bowing to God's Ark. The Philistine men returned Dagon in its proper place. Then the next morning, they look again and see...Dagon, again on his face before the Ark, only this time his hands and head were cut off.

A second example deals with a false god, Baal. (1 Kings 18:17-39). In this situation, Elijah was weary of the people worshipping Baal instead of The Almighty God, so he proposed a contest: Baal worshippers were to build an altar to their god, and Elijah himself would build an altar to Yahweh, the Almighty God. The Baal worshippers and Elijah would each would put a slaughtered animal on their separate altars. Then, whichever was the true God would send fire to burn up the sacrifice.

The Baal worshippers went first.

The Baal worshippers spent hours pleading and praying for Baal to answer their requests for fire. In the meantime, Elijah kept making fun of their Baal, claiming their Baal was sleeping, or using the toilet or something.When the Baal worshippers finally quit with no success, Elijah made a big show of his God: Elijah first had the Baal worshippers totally drench his altar so that even a large pool of water formed at the base of it. Then, with just one single prayer, the fire from The Almighty God came down from heaven and consumed the sacrifice so thoroughly that the water -- and even the stones -- were burnt away!. How magnificent that sight must have been!

6 - Direct communication with animals. This is different from what a human animal trainer does: Trainers use cues and rewards to direct an animal's actions. Almighty God, on the other hand, can give an animal the inherent knowledge to do something. For example, when the Philistines stole the Ark of the Covenant, our God plagued them for it. (1 Samuel 5:6-12). When the Philistines finally had enough of the plagues, they sent the Ark away on a wagon pulled by two cows. Our God caused the cows to know enough to travel all the way back to the Israelites (1 Samuel 6: 7-14). Another example involves the prophet Elijah: God told Elijah to dwell near a certain stream due to a drought, and then sent birds to feed him bread and meat twice each day. (1 Kings 17:1-6).

7 - Manipulation of celestial bodies. (Joshua 10:1-14). In this situation, Joshua was a believing Israelite whose army was fighting several enemy armies that collected against him. Our Great God was with Joshua and his army. This battle lasted all day long. During the fighting, God caused great hailstones to fall from the sky in order to help Joshua to defeat the enemy. However, the battle and the day wore on, and the sun began to set. The impending sunset alarmed Joshua because he didn't want the remainder of the enemy to get away in the night, so, Joshua called out for the sun and the moon to remain motionless in the sky. In this case, God actually listened to him and caused it to happen! The sun and moon stayed motionless for nearly an entire day's worth of time. Think about that...how much power it would take to stop the earth from rotating, and yet keep our gravitational pull intact!

These are only a scant few examples of Almighty God's display of power throughout the bible. Who of us can even begin to compete with such magnificence, power, and glory?! Even the greatest among us is nothing more than a mere speck compared to God's awesome mightiness. Surely this is a very humbling thought.


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