All scriptural references are from the English Standard Version unless otherwise noted.


There are some divisions as to whether or not tobacco use is acceptable for a Christian. Since it doesn't alter our perceptions (like alcohol and illicit drugs do), it is legal, and it is a ceremonial rite for some religions, is it okay to use as a personal choice? Let us first consider the facts:

To begin with, we cannot ignore tobacco as a major source of pollution. The facts regarding the filth inside of the lungs of smokers testifies to this. Along with this, second-hand smoke wafts into the surrounding air, infringing upon the lungs of those who would rather not be smoking. How much smoke does this add up to world-wide? According to the World Health Organization, about 15 billion cigarettes are smoked world wide every day.
Realizing there are only 7 billion people living in the world, this means there are enough cigarettes consumed every single day to allow each man, woman, and child to smoke 2 cigarettes daily. Note this is only for cigarettes; these numbers don't include the addition of cigars, pipes, or hookahs. With such an enormous amount of tobacco being used daily, this is no small amount of pollution spilling into the air.

The negative effects of tobacco smoke on human health is well documented in the medical world. It is common knowlege that all forms of tobacco cause deadly cancers, and second-hand smoke can fatally affect non-smokers. The negative effects of pollution are well documented in the scientific world as well: Tobacco smoke damages plant foliage and soil. This is good for neither plants nor animals, and is essentially ruining our Earth.

None of these facts can be swept under the rug.



Biblically speaking, Scripture states we must cleanse ourselves of bodily pollutions (2 Corinthians 7:1, James 1:21). Also, since it is known that tobacco pollution causes deadly diseases, clearly, we shouldn't do something that we know can cause another person's death (Exodus 20:13). We also mustn't be ruining Earth with the added pollution, as God's Word pointedly tells us that He will destroy those who destroy the earth (Revelation 11:18).

Adding to this is the fact that Scripture teaches we must show love in all things we do (1 Corinthians 16:14), that we are supposed to love others as ourselves (Matthew 19:19), and love doesn't work harm to one's neighbor (Romans 13:10). Now, since all forms of tobacco cause disease, sickness, pollution and death, continuing to use such products would show an extremely selfish lack of love for ourselves as well as others.

Remember also, our bodies are a temple to the Holy Spirit and we are to glorify God with our bodies (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). Inflicting pollution and disease is not a glorifying process, instead it is extremely offensive.



In conclusion, we ask tobacco users to seriously reconsider your reasons to continue using tobacco. In order to be true to God's standards, you must live your life with love, not polluting your temple of the Holy Spirit, and consider the effects of your habit on others. It is never too late to decide to quit. May our God and Father strengthen you upon your decision to cease the habit.


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