Many wonder about the global flood written about in the book of Genesis. Some believe it to be a myth, some believe the account to be true, and others believe the flood to have been localized instead of global. Which belief is most accurate, and why would such a great flood happen?

According to the bible, the reason God chose to flood the earth was because much wickedness and evil had spread throughout the world (Genesis 6:5-7), though Noah and his family was found to be righteous (Genesis 6:8). Yahweh explained his plan to Noah, telling him He was going to wipe out every living thing on the earth (Genesis 6:17). This indicates nothing less than a global event. Another indication that it was to be global was the fact that God also instructed Noah to bring pairs of animals onto the ark (Genesis 7:1-4). If the flood were not to be global, there'd be no point in having to save the animals for repopulation. Instead it would have been more efficient to simply relocate them to an area that wouldn't be flooded. As you read through the biblical account of the flood, you will also see that the flood waters covered the tallest mountain by several feet in depth (Genesis 7:18-20). This could not have happened if it had been merely a localized flood because flood water cannot "pile up". It spreads openly until something confines it. Since the water covered over the tallest mountains, there'd be nothing remaining to confine it, therefore it would spread throughout the entire globe.

Since it was a deluge on such a grand scale, it is reasonable to assume there would be evidence showing that it happened. By looking at the various forms of evidence - geological, fossil, and scientific - we can be sure the global deluge is a historical fact. Below we have listed many sources we have found on the net that reveal these sources of evidence:

Was the flood Global?

Proof that canyons can be made as a result of water erosion in very short time periods.

With global flooding, how do the freshwater fish survive the saltwater, and how do the saltwater fish survive the fresh water? On top of that, how did the plants survive a year of deluge?

Where all that water came from in the first place, and then Where'd it go?

Geological evidence of a global flood

Miscellaneous Flood Information

Of course, these aren't the only sites on the net. These are but a few of many. Feel free to browse the net for more. The quantity of evidence is enormous, and the information it quite fascinating!


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